Things to Know Before Purchasing a Condo

Buying a condo such as 19 Nassim Hill is a big decision, where you will put your investment in. Whether you will buy a condo for investment purpose or to use as your residence, there are some things you need to know first even before your first condo purchase.

– Fewer amenities don’t mean lower condo fees

It is wrong if you think that if you are in a building with more amenities, you are going to pay higher fees. If you live in a bigger residence (refer to condo property), the cost is spread among the higher tenants population. This is why you should not worry about the high fee when selecting a big condo. Check how many units are made for the tenants and gain information about the amount you have to pay as the tenant. Then, you can enjoy the number of amenities although you don’t spend too much money, right?

– Layout

Generally, every 19 Nassim Hill building is designed with multiple layouts, and you have to know it. For example, there could be a two-bedroom version that’s also 950 square feet. When you have the idea to compare the different types of units with the different available bedrooms, perhaps you will need to get multiple layouts. Ask the developer to send you the layouts of the condo via email if you can’t come to the physical location of the developer.

– Condo associations have meetings

Attending the 19 Nassim Hill association meetings mean you have a chance to meet other tenants or residents. As a good resident, you will want to be able to be part of the meeting regarding the topic they will be talking about. The meeting is aimed to get the answers to any question may come from each of the tenants.

The most things you know, the most you have reasons why condo ownership is better than having a single-family home.

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